How To Work Efficiently When You Work From Home

How To Work Efficiently When You Work From Home

Working from home can seem like the ideal position. Believe me, it does come with it’s benefits but it also comes with it’s costs. Whether you are working remote for a company, or have started your own business, the freedom of working on your own can take some getting used too in the beginning. One of the difficulties that comes across is staying efficient so here are some tips on working efficiently when you work from home:



1. Plan for the week:

Sundays are not only a great day to enjoy yourself, have self care, but also plan your week. Before you go to bed, set your intentions for the week and an overall all list of what needs to be accomplished in both personal and business.


2. Make time for yourself in the morning:

Starting your mornings off rushing yourself to get started on work can be daunting on your whole day. Even if you have the luxury to start at your own will, have an early morning and make time for yourself. This can be a meditation, reading, or a workout to help you have a mindful morning and get your day started on the right note.


3. Make to do lists:

I like to make a to do list every morning to make sure all important tasks are covered, and I even include non work tasks on there like do laundry, and workout to stay organized in my home life as well.


4. Don’t schedule meetings first thing:

As earlier mentioned, I like to begin the workday with writing out my to do lists. I also like to review anything major that needs to be taken care of, and have a quick review for a call or meeting so it’s best to give yourself the appropriate time to get into your workflow before dealing with clients.


5. Batch tasks:

At an old job, I learned batching to stay efficient which means executing similar tasks at once. For example, have set times to check your emails so you aren’t going through them the whole day. If you have different clients that need graphics then take care of the graphic work at the same time. When trying to multitask it can not only take longer but make you feel overwhelmed. Batching helps you stay more organized, and get work done faster


6. Take breaks:

Breaks are much needed especially when you’re on the computer. I once had a manager who out of every hour would take a 10 minute walk. Being on the computer all day can be stressful not only mentally but physically. So try not to get stuck to your computer and give your body a stretch, or take a walk and get some fresh air and you will come back relieved, and more focused.

These are tips I like to use in order for me to work efficiently. Please share any that you may have that work for you.



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